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Meet Our Founder

Hi, my name’s Fatimeh.

I created Modern Day Woman because too many women struggle every day to achieve economic empowerment for lack of quality job opportunities.

Too often, women are forced to take low-paying work just to have the flexibility and freedom that will allow them to raise their children, enjoy a better work-life balance, and/or design a lifestyle that meets their needs and desires.

Fatimeh Barrie
Founder and Executive Director

Women shouldn’t have to choose between their values and the financial security that comes from employment.

Not when they carry so much economic power and significance, representing 85% of consumer purchasing decisions.

It’s time to change the rules of the game and provide women across the nation with better opportunities for financial growth and sustainability.

That’s why Modern Day Woman exists.

We’re a movement, and we’re passionate about lifting up women and helping them take their financial independence into their own hands.

Together, we’ll create a future where women everywhere can thrive and enjoy the kind of economic empowerment that allows the world at large to prosper. 

Fatimeh has a Master’s Degree in International Commerce and Policy with a focus in Governance. She has 9+ years of business development experience, varying in sectors, to include non-profit, domestic and international private businesses and the federal government. She also owns and operates Innovative Growth Partners, a business consulting firm.

Meet Our Team

Emily Miller
Director of
Veteran Affairs

M.A. Business Education│ M.A. Management Accounting │ M.A. Human Resource Management │13 Years of Service to the U.S. Army │17+ Years Business Consulting Experience

As a military veteran myself, I understand firsthand the challenges veterans especially, women veterans, face upon returning home and reintegrating into society. It’s hard. I proudly served the United States Army for 13 years as a Combat Medic and sadly, struggled to survive just as much when I returned home. Our veterans are ill-equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to be professionally and mentally successful. My dream is for MDW to become a world-class women veteran platform full of useful resources to help navigate the different challenges our veterans face.

Yasmin Bakhtyari
Director of
Strategic Partnerships

Juris Doctor│9+ Years Legal Experience

I am hoping to use my legal background and experience towards leading our efforts on women-centered policy issues as well as shed light on the inequality women face in the professional world and how we can respond to such issues. I will work toward enforcing our legal right to equal employment opportunities by fighting for increased virtual job opportunities so that women can remain employed irrespective of their personal circumstances. My hope is for MDW to influence change, add tremendous value and impact on women issues. A large part of my work will depend on support from partners and collaborators, especially employers. The more employers who post their jobs on our website, the louder our voice is! Be a part of this necessary movement. Help us reach those left behind.

Mariam Bakhtyari
Director of
Community Engagement

Candidate for B.S. Biology│ Concentration, Biomedical Sciences│ 2+ Years Related Experience

I’m hoping that soon, when I complete my degree, you’ll be able to call me an Ophthalmologist. And perhaps by then MDW would have had enough influence to encourage flexibility even in my industry. As a woman I found it difficult to even pick, NOT START, just pick a career that would compliment my future lifestyle. I found that by doing this, I limited myself to a significantly smaller pool of choices. This is sad. Why limit my passion and desires? This is why I have joined MDW. I’m vested in the fight to increase virtual and flexible job opportunities for women nationwide making dreams come true for women and their families. My biggest role is to ensure we are not an isolated movement, but rather, a movement heavily involved with its community.

Fatimah Daher
Director of
Public Relations

M.A. Health Service Administration │Certified Healthcare Informatics│3+ Years Personal Injury Law

What’s a company without a face, a brand, a representation? My role with MDW is to increase our visibility and brand so that women like you around the country become aware that help is here. At last, a company exists focusing on women who need virtual job opportunities. Help me raise awareness. Help me lift-up our fellow sisters who need access and opportunities to thrive in their careers, homes and finances. They say “word of mouth” is the most effective form of marketing. Then I ask, if you care to reach even one more woman in need, please help spread the word of MDW. My hope is for MDW to become a household name and your first go-to for all things related to virtual job opportunities and professional resources you need for greater results and impact.

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