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Women hold incredible economic power and significance.

In the U.S. alone, women hold 85% of the buying power. Worldwide, women control over $20 trillion in spending. And over the next decade, women will control two-thirds of all consumer wealth in the United States.

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Most importantly, our job board is free to you! We believe that we have such an invaluable target market for employers to access. Therefore, they should pay instead of you. Another very important point is that our job board is backed by Zip Recruiter, adding an extra layer of quality and security.

Our job board features carefully vetted, high-quality virtual job opportunities that allow women the freedom of working from home while also enjoying fulfilling and financially rewarding work.

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VIP Coaching (Limited Applicants)

We know it can be challenging to navigate today’s job market, especially when the labor force is more competitive than ever.

That’s why we offer fully customized, one-one-one, VIP coaching.

During these high-value sessions, we’ll develop a career path for you, craft a personal brand that helps you stand out in the market, discuss potential employment opportunities, prepare you for interviews, and more.

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Mentor Program

Need a mentor but don’t know how to go about getting one? We’ll find and pair you with a qualified mentor who will help you navigate your career. You’ll first be asked to complete a brief questionnaire to help us help you best! Our mentors are nationwide.

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First Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Are you interested in getting into business for yourself?

Individuals with access to a mentor are 5 times more likely to start a business than those without one.

And entrepreneurs with a mentor are more likely to still be in business after one year.

Let us help you start off on the right foot and provide high-level mentorship that will set you up for success on your entrepreneurial journey.

During these high-value sessions, we’ll help you develop your idea, mission, process and strategy, as well as craft a personal brand that helps you stand out in the market. Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to file a business or what certifications could help them prosper. We’ll provide you with invaluable direction expediting your business creation and taking you into production quickly.

Price is custom depending on the type of business. Please contact us at info@moderndaywoman.com.

Be A Boss

Whether your in the initial phase of starting a business or you’ve been an entrepreneur all your life, click here, for our full list of business services to take your business to a whole new level.


Our webinars are truly world-class. We know exactly what you’re looking for and what will help you be successful. Our Webinars launch in January 2020. There will be a monthly webinar that you really shouldn’t miss out on!

Here’s our schedule. Stay tuned! You’ll be able to purchase soon!

January 2020: How To Decide On A Career

Need help navigating the challenging task of deciding on a career path?

This career-focused webinar will clear up the fog and provide you with the best steps you need to take to understand your passion, purpose, drive, strengths/weaknesses and most importantly, build your confidence to pursue your dream job.


February 2020: How To Be Productive All Day

Learn how to structure your day like Oprah Winfrey or other great women of success and influence. It’s a skill and a conscious effort that you need to apply every single minute of every single day to reach your optimal level of productivity and success. Do you feel burnt out yet unaccomplished? Where are you wasting time? We will identify different ways to increase productivity and reach your goals that you don’t even think about. We’ll learn time-management, goal-setting, discipline, structure, support and dedication. Let’s unlock the little unknown habits of the most successful people and how YOU can apply them too!


March 2020: Personal And Professional Branding 

Some people consider their professional brand and personal brand to be two separate things. But are they? What if MDW could teach you how to make them the same? What if you drop the labels and just make yourself ONE brand? Branding is so important in today’s world and it is crucial that you brand yourself in order to stand out and be noticed. We will help you use your personal knowledge, beliefs, philosophies, biases, etc. to truly display your brand and how it influences your personal AND professional life. This includes who you are on social media. Everything counts! Additionally, we will teach you how to transform your brand into something powerful, putting you in the forefront of your competitors. Remember, you only have one brand, its up to you to manage it.


April 2020: Personal Finance Management 101 

Tired of student debt? Or just overall everyday debt? Need help making financial decisions? Feeling financially vulnerable in your relationship? Maybe you are taking the right steps but in the wrong direction. We’re here to help! MDW will teach you how to best approach these financial decisions whether it’s buying your first home, paying off student debt, retirement or more! We understand women wear several hats, and often times it’s the finance hat, so we will present you with the information necessary to successfully wear and ROCK your finance hat every step of the way. Tune in for tips and guidelines on consistent and sufficient ways to act as your own personal finance manager.


May 2020: How You and Your Partner Can Conquer Life

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy relationship? Have the kids taken over? Does your partner support you? Do you support your partner? Do you want to start a business but feel like you’re on your own? It is often difficult to determine the many causes of a failed partnership or relationship, but what if we learned to engage in mutually supportive relationships? These relationships allow us to take our careers and relationships to the next level. Even in a dual-career couple situation, mutual support is vital to prevent situations where simmering resentments rise relating to whose career “comes first”.  We will teach you what steps to follow and which ways to initiate a healthy and mutually supportive relationship with your partner to create resilience toward setbacks and encourage growth in both love and work.


June 2020: How to Start Your Own Business

Are you tired of working for someone? Maybe you’ve always had a burning desire to become an entrepreneur because you feel there’s more you can give to the world. Learn how to build your business from scratch. We’ll teach you how to start, develop and grow your business. Find out which certifications will help your business stand out and how to obtain them. Have you ever thought about investors, seed funding, government contracts or grants? We’ll touch on all those opportunities and guide you on where to go.


July 2020: Negotiating 101

Having a hard time winning a negotiation? Looking for new strategies that result in MORE successful negotiating? There are numerous tips and tactics to help in the development of your negotiation skills, but we will provide you with the TOP tips and how to implement them in your negotiation preparations. We will cover things like structure of negotiation, most common negotiation mistakes, how to handle objections, formulas for written versus oral negotiations, and overall how to maintain control. MDW understands the time and courage that negotiating requires, and we hope to give you the ability to not only execute our strategy but to prevail with it! Tune into these helpful tips for success!


August 2020: Personal Growth

The best investments you can ever make are those in yourself. We’ll discover different ways to shift your way of thinking in order to invite new ideas and perspectives. Learn how to create a personal road map to success as we provide you with the science of the focused mind that will help you achieve a successful work-life balance. You’re driving this thing called life and many unexpected things can happen, which is why it’s extremely important to have a map handy to remind yourself of important decisions and events that will shape your life. Join this webinar to unlock the most critical elements necessary for building your personal road map.


September 2020: How to Write a Grant 

So you have a business and you want to learn how to write a grant for your business so that you don’t have to pay high dollars to a grant writing company or professional. That’s smart… sometimes. We’ll show you the best grant writing techniques and formatting.  You’ll also learn when it’s best to hand it over to a professional to write your grant. This webinar applies to business owners or grant writers working for nonprofit organizations hoping to improve their skills to advance in their respective companies.


October 2020: How to Become A Leader

They say you’re either born a leader or learn to become one. This takes time and commitment in applying certain lifestyle changes in your personal and professional life. We get down to concepts and practices you don’t hear about every day. We’ll touch on areas that are hard to change but necessary. This will not be a cookie cutter leadership webinar. Even if it is a basic concept, we’ll breakdown real life examples on how to apply them.


November 2020: 5 Ways to Improve Your Communication

Effective communication is of the most important life skills. We communicate daily, whether it be using words, expressions, actions, etc. During this webinar, you will learn 5 unique techniques to master your communication skills which will help you make fewer mistakes, strengthen your persuasion skills and enhance your personal and professional relationships. We will also teach you how to use the PIP framework, which is a trusted communication model used by business experts; this is particularly helpful for those of you who frequently deliver presentations. Tune in for more!


December 2020: How Loving Yourself Can Lead to Success

There is a saying that goes “success does not bring happiness, but happiness brings success.” In the effort to find this unconditional love and acceptance for yourself, you build a firm foundation for health and career success. Often, we find ourselves following the social lien and strive to be someone we are not in hopes of being accepted by others. But this is not okay! We must break the cycle of conformity and begin to create individual identities. We will provide you with detailed steps you will need to find self-love and acceptance. Soon you will be your #1 fan! And it is all uphill from there.

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