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Modern Day Woman partners and collaborates with women entrepreneurs we believe will provide world-class services to you. To ensure that you are able to reach your optimal level of success, we go above and beyond to provide you with a convenient list of resources which include various services outside of our scope of business.

Innovative Growth Partners

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to helping businesses and organizations reach their goals for funding and growth.We’ve won:

  • Nearly $8 Billion in Government Contracts
  • Over $6 Billion in Federal, State, Foundation and Corporate Grants
  • Our Business Development and Strategy Clients Have Ranged From Multi-Million Dollar International and Domestic Privately-Owned Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and the Federal Government

Will you be our next success story? Visit us at

Tarley Deal

Emotional Intelligence Coaching–It’s about Doing Less & Feeling More. We coach and mentor women & entrepreneurs who are stuck… stuck in a relationship, a career, a physical appearance… basically a paradigm that has them feeling frustrated, depressed, unfulfilled and stagnant. Visit us at

Your Unique Frequency

Are you living life to the fullest? What makes you unique? Let us reconnect to our true way of being. Join the ultimate life experiment and learn how to meet less resistance in life and to live authentically you. Using the Human Design System I will help you discover your own unique genetic imprint and show you how to apply it to your everyday life. Discover more about yourself by visiting us at

Suited 4 Success College Bound Program

Families need to know the ins and outs of college preparation because, let’s face it, applying for college has only become more complicated. With Suited 4 Success, you have the opportunity to give your student a unique advantage—to building a solid and incredible foundation for their education and career. With Regina’s mentorship and guidance, you have direct access to the tools and resources to “Winning the Game of College Admissions.” Visit us at

Elite Writer’s Program

Do You Have A Book Idea Trapped On The Inside Of You? Do you struggle with taking your ideas from your mind and transferring them to paper? Do you find yourself procrastinating? Do you struggle with organizing your ideas? Do you struggle with choosing the right options for publishing and marketing your book? If you answered, Yes to the above questions, don’ worry as your writing coach I will hold you accountable as you unveil your ideas, express your thoughts and deliver your masterpiece from cover design to printing. To learn more visit us at

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