How Exercise Can Enhance Your Quality of Life

Among the many challenges women face, maintaining a balanced quality of life is one of the most difficult. I mean think about it, how can we find a PERFECT balance that allows for upkeepof quality in both our professional and personal lives? We see things on social media, we hear things on the radio, our friends give us advice, but do we apply any of these ideas? Do we try the RIGHT ideas?

So, let’s break the ice by introducing a not so favored but one of the most beneficial changes we can make for an improved quality of life. Yes ladies, we MUST exercise! Sure, no one loves sweating and counting down the minutes on the treadmill, or should I say DREADmill, but this is crucial for progress! And I’m not saying this because of the obvious stigma that we all need tiny waists and big booties, that’s what surgery is for these days anyways, right? I’m saying this because exercise does SO MUCH MORE. I could call myself the poster child for weight loss and brag about the visible results, but what made a world of difference to me was the mental and emotional way this changed my life.

With exercise comes motivation, confidence, energy, competition and discipline. In the professional world, you would see these same words on a job application or resume! In gaining these skill sets through exercise; we can apply them to our professional and personal lives. And naturally, this is what would happen!

Confidence and increased self-esteem are gained when realistic goals are attained. Setting attainable exercise goals for physical and health benefits, and achieving them, helps us feel successful! With success comes increased confidence; and with increased confidence, comes MORE SUCCESS!

On top of the skills gained, stress is lost! Exercise is known to reduce stress and combat fatigue. In the professional world, this is crucial as stress is so burdensome. I grew up believing stress was not so serious. Truthfully, I found it oddly annoying when people complained about it. Until Law School. Then BOOM, loads and loads of stress started to pile onto my shoulders, my neck, my back, my knees, my feet! Let’s be honest now, as we get older, everything hurts and I – was – hurting.

By increasing our exercise, we can lessen this stress! How? Exercise releases endorphins into the body which results in a boost in your mood! While reducing levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, exercise produces these endorphins which act as the body’s natural pain killer and mood booster. A natural high! Often, on a bad day, going for a run was truly the ONLY thing that would help boost my mood. While scientifically we know that endorphins are what result in this mood boost, we should pay attention to how else it improves. For example, on long runs after a rough day, I have time alone to really think and process what is stressing me out and how to fix it. In a way, this could be one’s form of meditation. Just like a long drive, I would use long runs to really clear my head to release any negative reflections.

I could go on for hours on the many benefits of exercise, but just from what I’ve explained above, I think it is evident just how valuable and life changing it can be. Do your research, find out what exercises are best for you or what you might enjoy more than others. Get a notebook and write a plan, create a schedule, make this a part of your everyday life and see all the good it can bring! Get out there and make it happen!

Let’s Get in Shape,

Yasmin Bakhtyari, Director of Strategic Partnerships

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