3 Ways to Implement Quality Time in Your Home

As modern day women, we all have a long list of responsibilities and burdens that fall on our shoulders. First, we have the professional aspect of our lives. We’re either consumed by the process of searching for a job that best fits our lifestyles or we’re constantly working on ways we can maintain a high level of performance to keep the jobs we already have. Our households often times depend on us financially whether it be fully or partially, therefore, much of our time gets put into ensuring that we can provide. The juggling then begins when we also have to fulfill our marital and motherly duties. Let’s be honest, keeping up with our homes is one of the top burdens on our lists. Laundry, dishes, and dinner are just a few of the many tasks that we are typically responsible for. Ensuring that our children are fed, bathed, doing well in school and adopting the proper behaviors that we work so hard to instill in them are also just a glimpse of the effort we put into raising our little (or older) ones. 

Amongst all of this, when do we have the chance to really spend on quality time? Sure, we may be contributing financially, making sure our homes are well kept and just getting by with raising our children the best way we can, but in order to truly succeed, we must make time to have that one on one interaction with the people we care for most. Developing a strong bond and relationship with your significant other, children, friends and family could be the very thing that helps you get through your days. Having a support system is a vital necessity in today’s brutal society and building a friendship with your children is by far most rewarding than any other responsibility we embody. 


These are 3 ways you can work on time management and implement quality time in your home. 


  1. SAY NO TO THE MESS. As a mother of two under two, often times, I find myself using any and every free second I get to pick up toys, make the beds, even rearrange the pillows on my couch just to make my home presentable at all times. The mentality that our homes must look perfect has to come to an end. We don’t live in museums, we live in homes that are meant to be messy when children are present and are meant to be untidy when our time can finally be spent with our loved ones instead. In order to shift my mindset, I’ve had to literally catch myself in the act and force myself to stop whatever I was doing. It can wait. There will always be time to clean up, but once our children get older and set in their own ways and once our partner and friends have grown apart from us, it could be too late to salvage these precious relationships. Use the free time that you have wisely. Nurture your children, support and unwind with your partner and enjoy a much-needed laugh or relatable conversation with your friends and family. 


  1. PUT AWAY YOUR ELECTRONICS. Designating time where no one in your home uses their electronic items such as phones, tablets, computers etc. is another great way to promote quality time. We live in a digital age and we are so easily consumed by our phones and other electronic devices that often times, we are disconnected from the world around us and sucked into the screen in front of us. Little do we know, there are people around us that could be craving our time and attention while we are ignoring the signs. I myself am guilty of this habit. On many occasions, my two-year-old has wanted to show me something or express himself while I was using my phone. It wasn’t until he made comments such as “mama, put your phone down!” that I finally realized I was prioritizing my phone over him and his well-being. It shouldn’t have to come to that. Just as the mess in your home can wait, so can social media and emails. 


  1. GET A CHANGE OF SCENERY. When you and your children, partner or friends finally have some free time to spend with one another, leaving your comfort zone can create a more memorable experience. Being at home or work is obviously what forces you to give your attention to those environments. Getting out of the house and just simply going for a walk can help you engage with and focus on the people around you without external distractions or temptations. I’ve personally had some of the best experiences with my friends and family outside of my home. 


Remember not to take your relationships for granted. Goals can be met, tasks will be finished and responsibilities will eventually be fulfilled but as time continues to pass us by, we are missing our chance to be in the moment and enjoy the little things in life with our loved ones. These moments should come first, above all else. 


Together, Let’s Promote Quality Time,

Fatimah Daher, Director, Public Relations

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