At a Glance

Who we are

At first glance, we might look like just another job board.

But our vision and work goes well beyond that.

We consider ourselves a movement, and we’re passionate about lifting up women and helping them take their financial security into their own hands—without them having to sacrifice a lifestyle that prioritizes their values.

We’re building a nationwide tribe of women who are ready to take ownership of their financial independence and make a difference in the modern workforce.

We are mothers and single young professionals. We are students and mid-career professionals. We come from all backgrounds, represent all races and identities, and come from cities and suburbs all across the nation. 

We’re modern day women, and we’re ready to create change.

Are you ready to join the movement?

What we do

Our mission is simple:

  • to provide women with more options and employment opportunities that respect their desire for better flexibility and work-life balance
  • and to connect these women with the professional resources they need to thrive in their careers

How? By curating and carefully vetting high-quality virtual job opportunities that allow women the freedom of working from home while also enjoying fulfilling and financially rewarding work.

We’re passionate about seeing women succeed, though, which is why our work doesn’t just begin and end with a job board.

We also equip women with the resources they need to be successful in both their personal and professional lives, allowing them to thrive like never before.

Why it matters

In the U.S. alone, women hold 85% of the buying power.

In other words, women carry great significance in today’s economy.

And yet, every day, so many women still struggle to achieve financial security for lack of quality job opportunities.

As a result, they’re forced to take on low-paying work just to have the flexibility and freedom that will allow them to raise their children, enjoy a better work-life balance, and/or design a lifestyle that meets their needs and desires. 

These barriers hold women back and force them into economically unjust and vulnerable positions where they lose the ability to generate income and therefore fail to realize their potential and support themselves and their families.

It’s time for change to happen, and here at Modern Day Woman, we’re working toward a future where women everywhere can thrive and enjoy the kind of economic empowerment that allows the world at large to prosper.

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We’re committed to connecting working women with the
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Modern Day Woman is on a mission to help women take their financial security into their own hands. 

Together, we’ll achieve economic empowerment for women across the nation, and create a world where women thrive like never before.

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